Deadly game “Black horse”: a fake “the opponent MOMO” has collected 20 thousand posts in a week

Смертельная игра «Черный конь»: фейковый «соперник MOMO» собрал 20 тысяч репостов  за неделю

Team program “#@)₴?$ 0 s Michael Schur,” which is broadcast on the channel “NTU”, launched on Facebook page “Toronto Telebachennya” fake about a new “deadly game” “Black horse”. According to the creators, the week record received 20,000 reposts and “million coverage.” After this, the team removed the publication, writes AIN.

Fake “Black knight” game is similar to “Blue whale” and MOMO. Here is the curator of the “Breeder” who sends children to various tasks through instant messengers. According to the authors, first, this is a harmless order — don’t brush your teeth, not to walk on the street — but it all comes down to the last, the main task — to leave the house. The creators of the fake wrote that already documented cases of missing children.

The peculiarity of this experiment lies in the fact that the fake records about the appearance of the game mentioned that all this information is not true. In each paragraph of the publication called to read it to the end, and in the end, the authors disclose his idea.

The programme team explained: they wanted to know how quickly to apply the entry with “manipulative picture” senseless text: “Thus we wanted to see how many people read the text of the post with a terrible picture, and how many just mindlessly repost it”.

The authors of the fake stress that this week the record has collected more than 20,000 hits and scored “a million-dollar coverage,” and acknowledge that “the experiment, unfortunately, was successful.”

“It turns out that no matter whether there are “blue whales” or “black horses” in reality. It is important that people are ready to panic and spread any nonsense, even if in the middle it is written: “People, this is nonsense!””, — I think the creators of the game.

As previously reported “FACTS”, despite the fact that a deadly game Momo, sends to WhatsApp users threats and suicidal jobs, neutralized, there is already clones of Momo. And they, according to experts on cyber security, is no less dangerous: the clone Momo as the main bot, can read personal information from the gadgets user for its subsequent use for extortion and blackmail.

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