Deadly scourge in the United States : what is a medication overdose ?

Fléau mortel aux Etats-Unis : qu'est ce qu'une overdose médicamenteuse ?

New statistics published this week on the mortality in the United States show an increase of deaths by overdose and the decline in life expectancy of Americans.

Fléau mortel aux Etats-Unis : qu'est ce qu'une overdose médicamenteuse ?In 2030, the life expectancy of women may exceed the 90 ansAvoir her last child after 30 years rallongerait the hope of vieLire more than 30 minutes per day would extend for 2 years the hope of vieEtats united States : Overdose 1 – life Expectancy 0Vers a lengthening of the life expectancy ?

The death by overdose of painkillers in the famous singer of the Cranberries, Dolores O’riordan, the lead singer and guitarist Tom Petty last January, but also Michael Jackson in 2009, alertaient already on this scourge that affects no less than 11 million Americans.

Recent figures, provided by Robert Anderson, Chief of statistics of the mortality at the national Center of health statistics, reveal that it’s not just about the celebrities, and that it is a public health problem. According to the published statistics, life expectancy has declined in the United States in 2017, while up here, she was on the rise. According to Robert Anderson, the overdose of drugs would be in part responsible for this disturbing decline.

What is a medication overdose ?

The drugs responsible for these addictions are opioids, a family of products that contain a derivative of opium : morphine, codeine, fentanyl, or methadone.

Consumed in too large quantities, these drugs are prescribed initially on a prescription for pain relief, can become extremely toxic to the body, which is no longer able to metabolize these substances. In the case of addiction the most serious, such overdoses can lead to cardiac arrest and respiratory.

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