Debaltseve has changed with the advent of Russia

Дебальцево изменилось с приходом России

The apartment building in the occupied Debaltsevo 2017 stand without repair.

Locals say that the repair does not suffer due to lack of funds, according to the journalist Denis Kazansky in Twitter.

“Well liberated from the Nazis debaltseve. Even the most Drowsy shoot scenes about how there is devastation,” wrote Kazan.

In the video, a local journalist asks people about the state of their homes. People talk about how building materials were stolen, and the work was discontinued due to lack of funding.

“Started renovations and left. Many of the construction materials brought and dropped. Then he said that materials do not”, – complains a local resident.

“At home, defeated by artillery liberators, and not restored for 4 years. Building materials stolen. Now they say that there’s no more money. Thank you, Russia”, – he concluded.