Deceived us all: famous Ukrainian artist made a loud confession about the war in the Donbass (video)

Нас всех обманули: известный украинский артист сделал громкое признание о войне на Донбассе (видео)

Popular Ukrainian actor Stanislav Boklan, who after the Russian aggression and refused to play in Russia, believes that the war in the Donbass there are two terrible features. One is that in the war a lot of lies, and the second danger is that war used to it. About this actor told in the program “Rendezvous with Yanina Sokolova”.

I think we’re all badly deceived. And deceive us. The reason is that someone is very beneficial it (the war). I see people on our side who die, are at risk every day. And I see people in restaurants who are not at risk and do not die… so Many lies, things are mixed, “said the actor.

All the terrible history of war that the people who conceive them, know each other personally. And those who are fighting and killing, do not know each other, “added Boklan.

It is terrible and that I already used that somewhere in the shoot. Scary that we’ve learned that someone dies, someone is injured… We did not anneal the war. We did not block the road. Didn’t go to the generals. I think that we should go to negotiate with those with whom it is impossible to agree. We’re not in the room a closed sitting. There is peace, can we not knock on the world, didn’t talk to him. And the world we need something and we don’t agree with his side. We are in a vicious circle, “concluded the actor.

We will remind, earlier in an interview with “FACTS,” Boklan said, why he prefers to play complex characters, and that surprises him in the acting profession.

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