Declassified – “emergency” plan for Britain leaving the EU

Рассекречен "запасной" план Британии по выходу из ЕС

The British Cabinet prepared a plan “B”.The UK government has made a secret “plan B” in case the Parliament will vote against the deal with the EU on Brexit. It is reported by The Sun, reports the with reference to the Correspondent. “The Cabinet has made a secret plan B in case the Parliament will vote against the deal Theresa may”, – stated in the message.

The essence of the proposal of the Ministers is to continue to pay membership dues to the EU until 2021 and to follow the rules of the unit, avoiding sudden breakage of relationship in March 2019 when the country will leave the EU.

Then Britain would be able to negotiate with Brussels as a “third country” for two years, which would have facilitated the agreement on a new deal for free trade and helped to avoid the need to pay the amount for “divorce” in the amount of 38 billion pounds ($49 billion).

According to the newspaper, may have noted that plan B “until needed”.

This week the Prime Minister in a telephone conversation with Federal Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurtz said that the final agreement between London and Brussels on Brexit is ready for 95%.

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