Delivery in an automobile: an ambulance will be available, says McCann

A directive has been issued that in the future, an ambulance is made available to patients, in cases like that of the young woman who gave birth in a car because the Hospital of La Malbaie had momentarily staff to provide obstetric services, Health Minister Danielle McCann said Monday.

Last week, the pregnant young woman who was experiencing contractions had gone to La Malbaie Hospital, but the facility did not have the staff to take care of her until Tuesday. The woman and her husband were sent from La Malbaie to Quebec but did not have time to surrender. The woman gave birth in the car. It all went well under the circumstances.

Asked about it on Monday in Montreal, Minister McCann said it was very important, under such conditions, for an ambulance to take the family to the Quebec City Hospital.

“I really gave the CEO of the CISSS de la Capitale-Nationale (Integrated Health and Social Services Center) instructions to ensure that in similar circumstances, there is an ambulance that brings the mother and her spouse the hospital in Quebec, for the moment, because we do not have the service available in La Malbaie, “said the Minister of Health and Social Services.

Likewise, she hopes that the basic problem will be solved, namely the lack of staff at La Malbaie Hospital.

“We are currently working very hard to reopen this service as soon as possible,” she added.

The Minister noted that this was “an impromptu circumstance”, namely the unexpected absence of a nurse, which resulted in the hospital having to resort to a “contingency plan” which implied that no delivery could be done until 9 April.

” It is sad. It’s a dedicated team that is in La Malbaie and wants to take care of the sick, “added Minister McCann.

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