Demi Lovato returned to martial arts after drug treatment

Demi Lovato

26-year-old demi Lovato seem to be completely cured after one course of rehabilitation from drug addiction. Yesterday the star published in his Instagram a picture in which she is dressed in a special gown to practice JIU-jitsu.

Wet from sweat and disheveled hair after JIU-jitsu,

— signed the singer frame.

In this selfie, demi, which is actively practiced in the gym in Los Angeles, captured without makeup. At the same time, as noted by its subscribers, it looks great and seems perfectly healthy.

Beautiful! We are proud of you

— I wrote to her followers.

Demi — longtime fan of the sport. Before the recent events (in the summer the star was hospitalized due to a drug overdose) singer quite often said in social networks about their training and success in JIU-jitsu. Now, when she finally matured after treatment, the star, apparently, intends to continue to train.

By the way, this picture on her blog was second after the hospitalization. The first photo she posted in early November, when he went to the polling station to take part in the midterm elections.

Recall that with drug addiction demi struggling for many years. In the summer the star was as ever close to death — saved her bodyguard, which has provided her with first aid until the medics come.

I want to thank God for being with me all right. Thanks to my fans whom I’m always grateful for their love and support. Your positive thoughts, words and prayers helped me during this difficult time. Thanks to my family, team and hospital staff that have been with me all this time. said to demi a few days after the incident.

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