Democrats introduced a bill to abolish ICE

Демократы представили законопроект об упразднении ICE

Democrats introduced a bill to abolish ICE

Author: Vadym Matus


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The democratic party has developed a draft law on the elimination of Immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) and the transfer of authority to other Federal agencies.

Some Democrats, in light of the events of the past few weeks, found that it was time to radically change immigration policy in the country.

Members of the democratic party believe that the ICE is too large jurisdiction, which must be divided among several Federal agencies. Customs police responsible not only for the control of immigrants, but also such violations as money laundering, cybercrime, human trafficking and so on. Politicians who proposed the initiative, believe that all these duties should be separated to those public services that are more suitable for this purpose.

The first sentence of the Democrats was the creation of a special Commission that will supervise the work of ICE. The current tasks of the Department are distributed to other Federal agencies, and the structure will be disbanded.

ICE was created in 2003 as part of the Ministry of Internal Security. Now, however, Democrats argue that the organization became too militarisierung, and its policy is aggressive. This bill will be very difficult to implement, as the Parliament consists mainly of Republicans. Republicans support a policy of “zero tolerance” trump, focusing on internal security. In addition, the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, said that when Donald trump ICE is not threatened. However, the movement for the abolition of the organization is gaining popularity as well as criticism of the migration policy of the President.

Earlier it was reported that trump has signed a decree banning ICE to separate a family of illegal immigrants.

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