Dermatologists have listed the main threats to healthy skin

Дерматологи перечислили главные угрозы для здоровой кожи

The use of these products should be minimized.

We are what we eat. Some products not only have a negative effect on our body as a whole, but also directly affect the condition of the skin. Computed “silent saboteurs” and immediately relieve them from the refrigerator. Well, or at least minimize their consumption, according to the with reference to 24apteka.


A Cup of coffee – almost harmless morning ritual. And then another dining, afternoon and of course evening. Perhaps this habit and warrants a charge of vivacity for the whole day, but reflects on the face. Caffeine reduces the firmness and elasticity of the skin, dry it, and it is a direct way to wrinkles. So try to reduce the number of coffee breaks to 3 and take care of extra moisture. And drink plenty of pure water.


That fats the body is vital, no one argues. But margarine contains them in the so-called TRANS-version, is fraught not only oxidative stress but dehydration. The result is the same – early wrinkles and sagging skin.


That does sound unusual, so it is harmful for the skin milk. Because of its usefulness we have been told since childhood. And the thing is that in most cases we are dealing with a shop its form, stuffed with preservatives and all kinds of additives – stabilizers, enhancers and hormones. The whole bouquet retains its activity even with pasteurization. But still not the best way affects our endocrine system, causing the activity of the sebaceous glands and the clogging of pores. So, if you can’t live without milk, look for real farm product – it will certainly be a healthier alternative to bottled-batch option.


But to what in the chips is useless-harmful substances abound, we are used to. And try not to abuse it. But sometimes you want. Remember: all those TRANS fats, dyes, flavor enhancers and carbohydrates are not asleep, and strive to reflect the redness and inflammation. Therefore, choose: chips and acne or neither.


Sodas contain sugar, lots of sugar. And it is why we limit sweets leads to the so-called glycation. This process makes the collagen fibers are less flexible and elastic, and even destroys hyaluronic acid. Our skin becomes thinner and loses its tone, becomes dull. Note: marked “diet” is not the guarantor of benefits to the skin. Go back to where we started – drink water. She quenches your thirst better, and besides it is absolutely harmless.


Most juices, as it is not messy sounds in own juice not contain. A simple concoction, nothing more. Useful? Hardly! Hence the loss of elasticity, destruction of collagen and inflammation. The third and last time claimed to water everything! And eat fresh fruit and cook all-natural juice yourself.


Here we got to him. The result is dryness and dehydration. And bags and dark circles under the eyes. Of course, a couple drinking cocktails is unlikely, but maybe better without them?

Canned foods

Marinated mushrooms, various salads, beans and zucchini, eggplant caviar and other sharp culinary created based on sugar, salt, spices and vinegar. All of this can lead to allergic reactions, dry skin and redness. The most common consequence of vascular mesh on the eyelids and the wings of the nose.


With spices, the situation is approximately the same as with marinades. Of course, they give food a spicy flavor, and are themselves useful, improve the functioning of the body. Just don’t overdo them too much. Otherwise, you will get black spots and rosacea.

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