Determined the mass of the milky Way

Определена масса Млечного Пути

To determine the mass of the galaxy, the scientists examined are located close to smaller objects.

A group of American scientists set the mass of the milky Way galaxy. Index obtained in the new study, is 960 billion solar masses.

It is reported that astrophysicists have determined the mass of a galaxy, focusing on the parameters of motion of smaller objects that move around it. However, due to the differences of the masses and raznoplanovost objects from the milky Way, the results were not accurate.

In the end, the scientists gave results in the range from 700 billion to 2 trillion solar masses.

Scientists at Arizona state University, based their calculations on the angular moments of objects that are moving around the milky Way. These parameters do not depend on the distance between the galaxy and the objects and therefore the result is more accurate.

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