Developed a smart watch with projector (Video)

Разработали смарт-часы с проектором (Видео)

The staff of the American University Carnegie-Mellon have created a prototype smart hours LumiWatch with a laser projector.

The gadget can output the management interface just to hand. Gadget designs picture with an area of 40 cm square and has a system of error correction. It also has the function of slide-to-unlock to prevent accidental clicking in case the user just wants to see the time.

The device runs on Snapdragon 400 processor, operating system – Android 5.1 Lollipop. The battery provides a day of operation of the device, or the hours of operation of the projector. The smart watch has 1.54-inch display and a thickness of 17.8 mm.

The novelty is introduced on a crowdfunding platform (funding community) in China, and the finished version was created together with the Chinese manufacturer ASU Tech. The cost of the gadget on crowdfunding – $ 480 (12 600 UAH). However in retail it will cost $ 585 (15 300 UAH). To start, the creators are planning to collect a minimum of $ 15,000. Now collected a third.

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