Diane Kruger was first told about the new born baby

Diane Kruger

42-year-old Diane Kruger, who first became a mother just over a month ago, finally told the story of a newborn child and his new duties as the mother.

It is very small, but I’m tired. Now I feel like a superhero

— Krueger said in the podcast Extratv, thereby rassekrechen and the sex of the baby.

Kruger, who in the last film with his participation, “the wonderful world Marvin” (Welcome to Marwen), appears with turquoise hair said to deny daughters to experiment with the appearance of it will not.

I wish my mom allowed me to do it!

she said, but noted that it is unlikely to be too fun and funny mom.

And here is how the actress and her 49-year-old beloved Norman Reedus called a daughter, is still unclear.

Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus

I must say that the star has returned not only to work but also to social life. Most recently, she attended the Chanel fashion show in new York. As noted by her fans, it looks great — apparently, to get back in shape, she managed very easily.

Let’s remind, that about pregnancy Diane Kruger first showed at the Cannes film festival, when the public paid attention to her slightly changed form. Confirmed these suspicions after a couple of weeks. By the way, for Reedus, this child became the second — the actor has an 18-year-old son from the model Helena Christensen.

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