Disappearance of Lucas Face: police officers and judges, and the home of the parents

Disparition de Lucas Tronche: policiers et juges au domicile des parents

“Audits” were conducted on Thursday 14 by the police officers and magistrates to the home of the parents of Lucas’s Face, gone in 2015. The public prosecutor has not specified the exact reasons which led him to order this operation.

This is four years almost to the day that Lucas Guy, 15 years old at the time, disappeared after leaving her family home in Bagnols-sur-Cèze (Gard). On Thursday, the police and the examining magistrates of the case were made in the parents.

The public prosecutor of Nîmes, however, has not spoken of the search, preferring to speak of “checks”, while the case remains one of the great mysteries court in recent years. The police officers dispatched on the spot have criss-crossed the fields of vines located close to the pavilion that the parents still live.

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“These are audits planned for a long time and which show that, after four years, this case is still a priority for the judicial institution”, said the prosecutor. It was unclear Thursday if the new elements had led to the arrival of the investigators on-site.

Lucas ‘ Face gave no sign of life since march 18, 2015. He had to go to in a nearby city for a training swim. Since then, several tracks have been explored but abandoned each time. The first one is a “raven” who was sending the family letters explaining that the teen had run away. The man had eventually been identified and put out of the question as to the disappearance but sentenced to a year in prison.

The portrait robot of a witness had also circulated, but the individual in question, although found, had not been able to make progress with the investigation. The track Nordahl Lelandais has also been examined, particularly because he has family in the area. But the thirty-year-old who has admitted his involvement in the death of the little Maëlys and Arthur Drown was put out of the question.

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