Disappearance of Lucas Mug : checks made in its home

Disparition de Lucas Tronche : des vérifications faites dans sa maison

In the framework of the investigation into the disappearance of Lucas Cum, audits took place Thursday in the family home located in Bagnols-sur-Cèze, in the Gard.

“This is not a reconstruction, nor a search. There was no arrest, nor in custody.” said Eric Maurel, the prosecutor the Republic of Nîmes.

The new investigating judge “checks with new technical means and scientific (…) These are checks that have never been made. She opens and closes doors.” he added.

With the investigators in one of the cars, a young man, who could be the brother of Lucas, went to scooter in direction of the city centre, it is returned to the edge of a Peugeot 308 in black font. Probably trace back to the events that preceded the disappearance of the teenager.

Lucas Cum, 15 years old, disappeared on march 18, 2015, when he should go to his swimming lessons with his brother, to the pool of Laudun-l’ardoise, located a few kilometres from the family home.

His older brother left a few minutes earlier than him to get to the bus stop. Lucas’s Face said to him, ” Go ahead, I farm “. It was around 17: 00. After there was no more sign of life of Lucas Face.

The young man has gone without its business of pool, but with a backpack containing only a very little, not even his survival kit (knife, pocket money, sleeping bag, etc).

When asked about a possible link with Nordahl Lelandais, Eric Maurel has shown himself to be prudent : “there is nothing that allows us to say that it is him and nothing that allows us to say that this is not him.”