Discovered the brightest galaxy in the Universe: the light came to the Earth almost 12.4 billion years (video)

Обнаружена самая яркая галактика во Вселенной: ее свет шел до Земли почти 12,4 млрд лет (видео)

The ALMA telescope, designed to study processes that occurred during the first hundred million years after the Big Bang, recorded light galaxy W2246−0526. Light came to the land of 12.4 billion years. It is the brightest galaxy in the Universe, but it is too far away from the milky way, writes RIA Novosti.

According to “EurekAlert!”, this galaxy is not the largest in the Universe, but it emits the amount of infrared radiation equal to 350 trillion Suns. Most likely, the brightness of the stars in the galaxy is minimal, but W2246−0526 has a bright accretion disk gas around the Central supermassive black hole.

This is an extreme infrared radiation makes the galaxy a rare class of quasar — hot, only one of the 3 thousand of the observed quasars may belong to this category.

It was found that W2246−0526 consists of three galaxies, which are joined by the “TransGalactic streamers”. The volume of the gas that is in the galaxy will allow her to exist even hundreds of millions of years.

As previously reported “FACTS”, a team of astronomers from France, Britain and the United States found the oldest galaxy in the Universe. The oldest star island does not claim absolute distance record, but he was born, apparently earlier than all currently known galaxies.

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