Discovered the connection between autism and allergies

Обнаружена связь между аутизмом и аллергией

Respiratory allergies develop in 18,73% of children with ASD.

American scientists from the University of Iowa claim that food allergies are too common in children with autism, to be an accident, and between these diseases certainly have a connection.

For the period from 1997 to 2016, scientists have collected and analyzed data on almost 200 thousand children aged 3 to 17 years. It turned out that among children diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) food Allergy is found in 11.25% of cases, whereas children without such a diagnosis, the prevalence of food allergies is almost 3 times lower — just 4.25% of cases.

Previously, it was also found that respiratory allergies develop in 18,73% of children with ASD, while for healthy children, the figure is only of 12.08%. Similarly, cutaneous manifestations of allergies occur in 16,81% of children with ASD and only of 9.84% of children without such a diagnosis.

Researchers believe that immunological disorders develop in the early stages of human life and can influence the development of his brain and social relations from childhood.

Previously it was shown that changes of the intestinal microflora leads to an increased production of antibodies and development of an overreaction of the immune system. And this, in turn, causes impaired function of the brain and nervous system in particular.

Autism has long been linked to imbalance of the immune system. According to one theory, if ordinary people after an allergic attack the immune system “calms down”, then the autistic, she is in chronic inflammation.

Scientists emphasize: “We don’t yet know what comes first in this case: food Allergy or RACES. To determine this, more research is needed”.

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