Discussing the new nomination of the award “Oscar”: Internet users in disbelief

Figurines of “Oscar”

The American Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences announced that the annual “Oscar” will change. For the first time in many years the list of nominations will be credited for: the Academy is going to reward filmmakers in the new category “outstanding films”. On the Internet already, there is controversy about her and the first people’s “nominees”.

As noted by Vanity Fair, nominated for “Popular film” at the Oscars is the next step in pop culture and the desire to raise the lowest TV rating of the show. Accusations of elitism heard the founders of the awards, so they drew attention to the projects that collect at the box office the millions and billions. Among these, for example, the blockbuster “the Black Panther” (Black Panther), earned worldwide more than a billion dollars.

A scene from the movie “Black Panther”

However, the word “popular” in the title of the nomination has caused controversy in the network. Who and how determines popularity? Perhaps the most popular films don’t get the reward money? Some participants described the nomination as a ploy to attract a new audience and expressed the opinion that it would be fairer to simply award for best Director Ryan Kugler (Director, “the Black Panther”).

The film Academy announced other changes. Broadcast of the ceremony honoring the laureates will reduce to three hours, and in 2020 the date of the show will be rescheduled for 9 February. The ceremony of 2019 will be held on February 24.

Thor: “Why not me?”

Wonder woman: “Why not me?”

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