Discussing the similarities of Princess Charlotte and niece of Princess Diana

Princess Charlotte/Kitty Spencer

Previously, the youngest daughter, Kate Middleton and Prince William constantly compared to great-grandma: as soon as the new pictures of Princess Charlotte, as fans of the Royal family immediately found pictures of Queen Elizabeth II as a child and argued that the girl — a copy of it. But now the Queen has appeared “the rival”: discussing the incredible similarity of the three-year Charlotte and niece of her late grandmother Princess Diana lady kitty Spencer.

Recently, kitty has published on his page in Instagram archival black-and-white photograph on my first day in kindergarten. However, the followers do not immediately recognized Spencer in charming the girl in the photo: many thought it was Princess Charlotte.

Lady kitty Spencer in childhood

Princess Charlotte

Charlotte is so much like you!

Looks just like you!

God, at first I thought it was Charlotte!

Princess Charlotte Spencer genes! You look the same!

hundreds of similar comments appeared under the photo.

Indeed, the similarity is obvious, and now fans are wondering whether there will be Charlotte when I grow up, the same dazzling beauty as the niece of lady Diana. By the way, the Diana, the daughter of Kate and William also have been compared more than once.

27-year-old Lady kitty Spencer is the eldest daughter of Diana’s brother Earl Spencer and his wife, Victoria Lockwood. Kitty had always been close with my cousins, Prince William and Harry and attended the weddings of both. Public girl known not only as a relative of the Royal family, but also as a style icon and popular model.

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