“Disease of the fox” detected in France : what are the symptoms of this dangerous disease for Man ?

"Maladie du renard" détectée en France : quels sont les symptômes de cette maladie dangereuse pour l’Homme ?

In France, several cases have been reported. Parasite, the “disease of the fox” is potentially fatal for the human, because often confused with other pathologies. What are the symptoms ? How to detect and protect ? It makes the point.

"Maladie du renard" détectée en France : quels sont les symptômes de cette maladie dangereuse pour l’Homme ?Stomach ulcer : a new therapy more efficaceComment take care of his liver ?Foie gras, mode of emploiLe dandelion : the plant friend of the foieLes children overexposed to the liver disease

Five cases of French patients with echinococcosis alveolar are identified in the departments of Nord and Pas-de-Calais, reveals the association’s support and advocacy of people infected with echinococcosis, alveolar (ASDPCEA) in the Voice of The North.

This parasitic disease from foxes, hence the name. A worm called tapeworm lays eggs in the stomach of the animal. They later appear in his excrements and on his hair. Problem : they survive two months in nature and can settle on a vegetable or the fur of a dog. It is through these means that they can be transmitted to humans and parasitize his stomach.

Often, the disease of the fox is detected late. Pain in the liver, swelling of the stomach… The symptoms appear years after and can be confused with cancer of the liver, jaundice or hepatitis. “You can count the ten years between the appearance of the foxes positive to the echinococciosis, and the first human cases,” informs the daily Philippe Wartelle, President of the ASDPCEA.

How to protect themselves from the disease of foxes ?

As explained by France 3, there are some rules to follow if you live in an area where foxes are present. You need to install fences around the places which can attract the animal : vegetable garden, orchard, chicken coop…

Side kitchen, eat fruit and cooked vegetables because the eggs of tapeworms are destroyed when cooking at 60°C. For the raw products, it is recommended to clean thoroughly.

If you have a pet, be sure to deworm at least twice a year, and avoid touching the hair of a fox without disposable gloves.

Finally, it is necessary to respect the basic rules of hygiene : wash hands regularly and not to put his mouth in contact of hands after handling of the earth.

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