Disfigured with blows of the stiletto heel… for the crisps!

Défigurée à coups de talon aiguille... pour des chips!

The events took place on the night of 31 December to 1 January in Great Britain.

Around 2: 00 in the morning, a woman, 32 years old, was returning home on foot after spending the eve with friends.

Arrival in the vicinity of his home, located in Wrexham, the mother of the family has been approached by a couple.

The man asked her a chip and she said yes. Then, for some unknown reason, the man is thrown on the mother.

He started to beat and she fell to the ground. And then the companion of the assailant struck the victim with blows of the stiletto heel in the face.

Jade Daniels is able to get up to her home, where her roommate found her unconscious : “When I arrived, one would have said that she had been murdered because the bed was completely covered in blood and she had blood and bruises on it.”

Transported to the hospital, the unfortunate, to diagnose a fracture of the jaw. 14 stitches had to be installed on both sides of his left eye.

“His face is so swollen and bruised that he must now stop, as there was a clot at the top of his eye. (…) She can not eat, the dizziness and the nausea,” said the mother of the victim.