Disguised as operators: the protection of Putin caught a funny mistake (photo)

Маскируются под операторов: охрану Путина поймали на забавном ляпе (фото)

Employees of security service of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at public events appear in different “images”: they take the place of ordinary participants, staff, members of the media. At the Congress of “United Russia”, which took place on 8 December in “Crocus Expo” guards of the head of the Kremlin began to disguise themselves as cameramen. This is stated on the page “the Project” in Facebook.

According to the information resource, special attention was drawn to two so-called “operators”. First, they are dressed in identical jeans, a jacket and a turtleneck. Second, they clearly don’t know how to handle cameras. One of them even tries to pretend that relieves the event, and just looks around without touching the camera.

Маскируются под операторов: охрану Путина поймали на забавном ляпе (фото)

“To explain these oddities just beneath the view of the operators are employees of the presidential security Service, and we found confirmation of this. One of the “operators” we found guarding Putin during his walk in company with Egyptian President Al-Sisi at the promenade in Sochi, on 16 October”, — stated in the message of the “Project”.

Маскируются под операторов: охрану Путина поймали на забавном ляпе (фото)

“Still guards the President repeatedly masked by participants in the activities of the head of state, but the cameras haven’t seen them yet. And, Yes, we believe it is important to monitor the protection of the President — after all, it’s possible the governors of the Russian regions”, — with irony said the media.

It was also reported that former employees of the security service of Putin and their relatives, including the head of Regardie Viktor Zolotov, fraudulently became owners of the land with the most expensive land in Russia — in the Odintsovo district, Moscow region, Rublevskoe highway, near the presidential residence Novo-Ogaryovo.

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