DNA test on fatherhood in Ukraine — most popular questions

Тест ДНК на отцовство в Украине — самые популярные вопросы

A DNA test for paternity is the most accurate method to confirm or deny the fact that the man is the biological father of the child.

That tests DNA paternity?

DNA paternity testing those parts of the chromosomes, which are significantly different to each person, that is characterized by the large population diversity. DNA profile of every person is unique, and because of this paternity test is very accurate. Used autosomal chromosomes — the chromosome that the child receives from the father and the mother, 50% from each parent. Depending on the lab tested from 12 to 40 sites of DNA loci. The greater the number of loci, the more accurate the test result. DNA test sets, whether the child inherited the necessary genetic information from a potential father in each DNA segment.

Тест ДНК на отцовство в Украине — самые популярные вопросы

It is desirable that the mother also participated in the test, DNA paternity, because, knowing the DNA of the mother can take her half of the DNA and with an even higher precision to calculate the probability of paternity of the alleged father.

How accurate are DNA test for paternity?

Modern laboratories are performing DNA tests with very high accuracy: 100% if the denial of paternity, more than 99.9% at confirmation of paternity. The tests are performed on the automatic equipment, quality control takes place at all stages of the process, each test is performed twice, since genetic labs do not have the right to make a mistake.

What materials can be used to test for DNA?

The accuracy of DNA test does not depend on the material, which is provided in the lab: the result will be the same in saliva, blood, semen, nails, hair roots and any other biological materials. Standard material is buccal cells, i.e. smears from the oral cavity with cotton sticks. Material can be rented independently or in a clinic.

Тест ДНК на отцовство в Украине — самые популярные вопросы

Do a DNA test during pregnancy?

A few years ago, it became possible to DNA test for paternity before the baby, safe for mother and fetus. This is the newest technology that allows to distinguish fetal DNA from the mother’s blood to compare with DNA of the alleged father. Very few laboratories offer this analysis. And, despite the high cost, this test is sometimes necessary choice and affects important life decisions.

Judicial genetic expertise

If the test you plan to use in court, it is necessary to do the analysis, which is legally binding. To do this, participants identifitseerida, that is, the fence material is held with a photograph and passport or a birth certificate. This test is usually carried out for legal procedures for establishing paternity.

Is it possible to do a DNA test for paternity without the mother’s consent?

Yes, a DNA test for paternity can do so that the mother knew about it and did not participate. To some mothers this may seem unethical, but, on the other hand, if the father is the legal father of that recorded in the birth certificate, he has the right to take any action on behalf of a child. Even if the father is not recorded in the birth certificate, in our country there is no law that would prohibit genetic paternity tests without the mother’s consent.

How much is a DNA test for paternity?

The easiest test possible father and child according to the standard biomaterial — saliva, is now 4 300-4 500 UAH. If other materials are used, the laboratory have a surcharge for the difficulty of extracting DNA from non-standard materials. DNA test paternity court will cost about 8 000 UAH. DNA test during pregnancy is very expensive, more than 30 000 UAH, which reflects the complexity of the DNA of the fetus from the mother’s bloodstream.

Where better to do a DNA test on fatherhood in Ukraine?

A reliable center for genetic research is the medical-genetic center “MOTHER and father”, Kyiv, Lva Tolstogo str. 21, tel: (044)578-05-00. The center conducts genetic research at affordable prices, including tests for trial. The clinic is licensed by the Ministry of health of Ukraine and international laboratory accreditation. The sampling points of the material are in many cities of Ukraine (Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv and others). Qualified medical personnel will provide free consultation and take the biomaterial for DNA analysis.

Тест ДНК на отцовство в Украине — самые популярные вопросы

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