DNC has decided not to lag behind world trends and recognized fashion festival

ПЦУ решила не отставать от мировых трендов и признала модный праздник

Although the Orthodox Church does not recognize such a holiday as Valentine’s day, February 14th honors the Martyr Tryphon, the opinion of the clergy is beginning to change.

“People in the Church, though guided by the most pious intentions, still want to spoil the party for others. So, if someone important is my resolution for the holiday of lovers – I give you joy,” – wrote in his blog, writer and DNC Archpriest Eugene Saletnik.

According to him, the Church at all desire will not be able to resist the popularity of such holidays as Halloween, Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day. So you should take that message that carries the tradition on February 14. Namely, the desire to give love to others, writes styler.rbc.ua.

“Many call this holiday is “a celebration of fornication.” Of course, this is not so, writes Zaplotnik, to Identify it exclusively with fornication can only be corrupted by fornication sick mind,” says the priest.

He noted that the purpose of the Orthodox Church is not to curse everyone who shows their feelings. But to teach them a healthy acceptance of oneself, her feelings, without violating the basic gospel values.