Do Americans get fat because getting horrible advice from the experts?

Действительно ли американцы толстеют, потому что получают ужасные советы по питанию от экспертов?

A growing body of research shows that turning the food pyramid leads to favorable results of weight loss. So why the dietary guidelines continue to prescribe methods that are harmful to progress?

According to the Center for control and disease prevention, 40 percent of American adults, both men and women, obese or overweight. Almost every one of these Americans tried to do, often repeatedly, but few have succeeded to overcome the problem of weight gain completely. Very few people sitting on a diet able to maintain weight loss.

Despite the never-ending story of failures and disappointments, nutritionists in Alliance with major food manufacturers and academics hungry for grants, continues to believe that anyone who has problems with weight, just need one more turn of willpower, exercise and food with low fat content.

In 2001, investigative journalist Gary Tubs (Gary Taubes) has published an article in the journal Science, which argued that the American “food pyramid” to maintain a healthy weight for many years was almost completely wrong. Thus, many Americans have indeed gained weight listening to the advice of experts, and now it is more and more evidence. But nutritionists still have not changed the basic principles, so the problem remains.