Do municipal parties lack members?

Sherbrooke Citizen performs a recruitment blitz. A message broadcast by the head of communications, Richard Vachon, suggested in the last days that the municipal party was having difficulty reaching the minimum number set by the Chief Electoral Officer (DGEQ), ie 100 members. Mr Vachon assures that this is not the case.

“We are in the process of recruiting members to be in good standing with the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer by April 1,” he wrote.

Richard Vachon, who defended the colors of Sherbrooke Citizen in the district of Desranleau in the November elections, brings nuances. “Membership is renewable each year, which is why we are recruiting or renewing membership. We have more than 100 members. No worries. ”

Following the November 5th election, Sherbrooke Citoyen had 114 members.

“According to the DGEQ procedure, members will receive a letter that they will have to send back to confirm their status. To avoid any problem in mechanics, we aim for about 150 members. ”

Sherbrooke Citizen makes sure to be in good standing, taking into account members from outside the city, who are not eligible to vote and who can not be included in the official count.

Renouveau sherbrookois
At the Renovation of Sherbrooke, Chief Vincent Boutin estimates the number of his members at about 300. “Since the elections, no one has shown his intention to leave the party or tear his membership card. It’s part of our plan to revive the interest of these members and to look for new ones in the coming months, “he says.

“With the results of the election, people who were further away see the opportunity to take the stick. We will go see people and we will explain our positions. We will convince them also in the way we defend cases. Our political program is still relevant. ”

Vincent Boutin is very happy to see that the former elected officials have chosen to remain within the party. “We would be mad to deprive ourselves of their experience. I feel a change of guard, but at the same time, the program is our values. The result of the election has led us to ask questions, but our directions are still relevant. ”

The Sherbrooke Renewal General Assembly is scheduled to be held in May or June.

The party’s official name was changed from Team Bernard Sévigny-Renouveau Sherbrooke to Renouveau sherbrookois on February 22. The website of the political party has been purified of its content and refers to a fixed page which shows an update in progress.

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