Doctors are reminded about the dangers of sugar substitutes

Врачи напомнили о вреде заменителей сахара

Want to lose weight sweeteners not only does not help, but will cause great harm to the body.Currently in stores, there are many sugar substitutes that can be used as alternatives to sugar, says the with reference to the Telegraph.

And if diabetics use them for medical reasons, then the rest in order to “save” on calories. So you can not indulge your sweet tooth and take care of her figure. Whether you can outwit nature? Isn’t there any pitfalls? Unfortunately, there is, and not stones, but whole stones. But about all under the order.


The effect of the application of sweeteners for weight loss almost zero. Moreover, the reverse effect. If instead you use natural sugar substitutes such as fructose, sorbitol or xylitol, then hasten to disappoint you, because their calorific value is also high. Using such sweeteners, you actually don’t severely limit yourself in calories. But how about the synthetic sweeteners? Their caloric content is zero, they are in tens and hundreds times sweeter than sugar. Sometimes on the background of the use of sugar substitutes, the person starts to gain weight. Why is this happening? And the thing is that when you intake of sugar produces insulin which reduces the level of glucose in the blood, allowing it to pass into the cells. If the body instead of the sugars to give a substitute, it will be “deceived” and next time, when people do eat starchy foods, the processes involved in the storage of fat, will occur with increased intensity. In other words, the body will begin to rebuild the metabolism to increase fat reserves, because it will feel the deficiency of carbohydrates.


The fact that synthetic sweeteners can cause weight gain, it’s not so bad. Worst of all side effects that occur with regular use. Perhaps the most harmful synthetic sweeteners can be considered as aspartame, which at the same time is the most common. Already at a temperature of 30 degrees aspartame breaks down into dangerous substances – formaldehyde (carcinogenic), methanol and phenylalanine. Thus, aspartame can cause dizziness, indigestion, headaches, allergies, palpitations, depression, and increases the likelihood of developing cancer. The formation of tumor diseases also contributes to the artificial sweetener saccharin. It is a proven fact that large quantities of saccharin triggers the development of cancer. And the other popular sweetener of Salamat is often a cause of allergic dermatitis. However, not only synthetic but also natural sweeteners can cause harm to the body. So, xylitol and sorbitol have a choleretic and purgative properties.

Sweetener xylitol contributes to the development of bladder cancer. While the popular sweetener fructose may lead to disturbance of acid-base balance, and decreased activity of the liver. The only natural sweetener that will not cause harm to the body, is stevia. This sweet nature of the plant has a rejuvenating effect, normalizes blood pressure and has a strong anthelminthic action.

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