Doctors are sounding the alarm: 12 million Ukrainians suffer from hypertension

Медики бьют тревогу: 12 млн украинцев страдают от гипертонии

Higher blood pressure affects not only the elderly, but also young people.

Cardiovascular diseases constitute now the main problem for the life of Ukrainians. While doctors warn that pathology is much younger. Now in Ukraine is 12 million people with hypertension – those who know about the diagnosis. About 4 million do not realize, according to the Chronicle.Info with reference to Browser.

“Pathology is very much younger. Patients who have had heart attacks, in our practice – have in 21, 25, 27. There are patients who have already protestirovany in 32 years,” – said the cardiologist Valentina Shapovalova.

It is noted that potential patients are men and women 40-45 45-50 years.

In addition to age and sex, chances of complications of add irregular meals, excessive salt intake, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy habits, lack of sleep, chronic fatigue, obesity and more, doctors stress. These factors can lead to irreparable – until the sudden death.

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