Doctors called a vegetable, greatly extending the life

Медики назвали овощ, значительно продлевающий жизнь

Four reasons to include in your diet celery.Celery is one of the most useful winter products, which must be present on your table, if you follow the beauty and health.

At the root of celery contains several vitamins and other nutrients. In particular, in it you’ll find vitamin a, E, K, b, C, the most valuable amino acids: asparagine, tyrosine, carotene. Nutritionists consider celery one of the most useful roots.

Celery slows down the aging ofOne of the main functions of celery – slide from the aging process. Thus, the unique set of proteins, vitamins, acids and minerals that can be found in celery, ensures stable operation of the cells.

Add celery to soups and salads to slow the aging process. By the way, the celery works perfectly in combination with olive oil.

Celery relieves stress, it Sounds a little weird, but herring really has a calming effect on the body. In particular, it helps to cope with fatigue, and with the constant use of this condition simply would not occur.

In this situation, running as root and celery greens.

Celery speeds up metabolismIf you want to be thin – eat celery. This root vegetable with its unique structure accelerates the metabolism, causing the extra pounds to go.

Nutritionists believe that celery is a great complement to the meat. Therefore, it is necessary to include it in the dinner menu: chicken, rabbit or Turkey with a salad of celery can work wonders in the issue of metabolism.

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