Doctors called the best vegetable for the prevention of cancer

Медики назвали лучший овощ для профилактики онкозаболеваний

Eggplant is able to fight against cancer.Eggplants contain a substance that can combat cell mutations that cause cancer.

This conclusion was made by scientists of the research center of the U.S. Department of agriculture, writes the with reference to Aspects.

The use of eggplant and dishes made from this vegetable in the food, making the body more resistant to cancer, to such conclusion the American experts.

They also said that the composition of these vegetables are chlorogenic acid is a substance able to resist the action of free radicals, which are oxidizing molecules and damage the whole structure of the cells of the body.

The scientists noted that the chlorogenic acid exhibits anti-mutagenic properties, and therefore can not change the genetic structure of cells. Protects them from damage, prevents the build-up of malignant cells in the human body and resists the growth of tumors.

Due to the action of acid, eggplants possess powerful anticancer properties. Eggplant is full of fiber that will help to promote the development of important for the immune activity of the microflora of the digestive tract. Eggplant can reduce the number and density of cholesterol deposits in the body. This ability is one of the indisputable factors that protect people from developing diabetes of the 2nd type.

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