Doctors called the daily norm of carbohydrates

Медики назвали дневную норму углеводов

How many carbs you need to eat for vegetarians, vegans and meat-eaters.Nutritionists say that vegetarians not only live longer than those who eat meat, but are much more slender figure. Recent studies of British scientists showed that a carbohydrate-free diet can even reduce the years of life of our body. Therefore regardless of, you meat-eater, vegetarian or vegan, you need carbohydrates, reports the with reference to Politico.

The British Association of nutritionists recommend to eat each adult at least 260 grams of carbs a day.

Different cereals – a source of correct uglevodov forget that carbohydrates – the main source of energy in the body as they break down into glucose. And if the glucose level is low, you can catch the weakness and the feeling of dehydration.

Beans and other legumes are also rich in the slow (right), uglevodnogo to the researchers, vegetarians and vegans are much simpler to consume the correct amount of carbohydrates than meat eaters, because they have fewer products from which they can obtain nutrients, and thus it is easier to include in the diet cereals and grains. Low-carbohydrate diets is fraught with reduction of the list of allowed foods to extremely narrow, which is not only delicious, but also not very good.

Mushrooms are rich in slow carbohydrates. Nutritionists please remember that all important balance. And carbohydrates, proteins and fats are equally important for human diet, they are the very three pillars on which to build a high-quality and healthy food.

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