Doctors called the effects of use of gadgets before bedtime

Медики назвали последствия пользования гаджетами перед сном

Why “do not sit” in the phone before bed.Research group under supervision of researchers at Harvard University found that the unlimited use of computers and tablets in the evening causes sleep disturbances and knocks circadian rhythms of the body. The results of a study published in the pages of Physiological Reports, Reports the with reference to

Specialists conducted an experiment in which subjects were asked to spend five evenings in front of the computer and the same for reading books, Newspapers and other printed materials.

The study involved both men and women, aged 22 to 28 years. According to the results, using light-emitting gadgets, such as a computer, phone or tablet adversely affects the speed of falling asleep.

It was also found that the use of gadgets suppresses the production of melatonin – the hormone responsible for periods of sleep and wakefulness.

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