Doctors called unexpected benefits of daily walks

Медики назвали неожиданные преимущества ежедневных прогулок

30 minutes walking a day help to improve health.

The majority of citizens believe that sports figures and good physical shape, you need to put a lot of effort, but really to maintain muscle tone helps simple walk. Scientists have proven that just 30 minutes walking a day helps improve physical and psychological health.


Due to the metabolism of a person loses calories and losing weight, however, if the organism suffers from lack of movement, there is a risk of unpleasant metabolic syndrome. Due to this disease is increased level of cholesterol and blood pressure, and the area around the waist is suffering from excess fat. To deal with the problem by making walking and other cardio, and it is also recommended not to forget to alternate the fast and slow types of trips.


Daily walks will help to prolong youth, proved by modern scientists. The fact is that cardio exercises allow you to not only maintain but also to extend a part of DNA, called telomeres. Latter serves in particular the protective function, but with age is shortened.


Hiking be effective in improving brain function, helping to increase learning ability, cognitive function, or even increase the size of the organ. Also a regular walking greatly reduces the risk of with age, Alzheimer’s disease and similar ailments.


Daily exercise in moderation such as walking, help to make a person happier compared to those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Also even small exercises help to increase life expectancy even in those who have excess weight.


According to the results conducted by researchers from the U.S. studies, the eyeballs were bigger than those on a regular basis showed physical activity. In particular, such as humans, less likely to suffer from deterioration of vision or of degeneration of the retina. Daily walks also help to get rid of excessive intraocular pressure, which helps in the fight against glaucoma.


Experts have proven that people, who for 10 years regularly carried out exercises, much less confronted with cancer of the colon. For significant improvements in the health of the digestive tract do not have to deal with serious loads, it is enough to go on a daily 30-minute walk.

Back pain

Hiking greatly enhance muscle tone, strengthening especially the torso, feet, hips and legs. Also the physical activities help to stabilize the spine, which after regular Hiking will be less sick, which is especially useful for people involved in sedentary work.

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