Doctors compared the effect on health of all kinds of Smoking

Врачи сравнили влияние на здоровье всех видов курения

Cigarettes, cannabis, vaping, ICOS and hookahs.

When you say a heavy smoker about his habit, it is unlikely that he stops Smoking. Continues rather, choosing something else instead of cigarettes. But won’t this cause harm? Or Vice versa will be an alternative option to the usual cigarettes, reports the with reference to 24ТВ.

Many smokers start the day with a Cup of coffee and a cigarette. A kind of ritual which lasts for years. However, few people pay attention to the fact that after that immediately go to the bathroom “at-large”. And all because the nicotine affects the receptors that accelerate the intestinal peristalsis.

And young smokers often notice that after the break palms are wet and begins an accelerated heartbeat. This sounds like a panic attack in a mild form. Therefore, people with already existing autonomic dysfunction, the nicotine is clearly not invigorating.

Today, if we talk about the dangers of nicotine and compare it, for example, with cannabis, the latter side effects are much less. But in the case of cannabis not more important than its effect on the body, but addictive, which is stronger than conventional cigarettes, if you smoke often (2-3 times a week), moreover in 20% of cases have Rasta Dating depression.

Why is there a dependence on cannabis?The thing is that cannabinoids (substances in plants of the family Konoplyov) affect cannabioids (CB) receptors. The mechanism influencing them is one of the most complex and still being studied. In the use of cannabis feeling the slight weakness and euphoria which like smoker more than a nicotine effect. And any fun you want to repeat.

Simple formula… cariniana today unlike electronic cigarettes and all the other variants, the side effects from the use of cannabis was studied as tobacco. But as a Vape (wapow), IQOS (Anosov) and other devices, you will not find any reliable studies that they are more or less harmful. Yes, there are different methods, but, unfortunately, none of them hold water.

But over conventional cigarettes, there is a so-called index of pack/years. It calculated the risk of disease smokers. You just need to count the number of cigarettes smoked per day. Times the experience of Smoking. And divide the sum by 20.

So, if the index pack/years will be more than 9, the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is ten times higher than people with a low index. And if he is over 30, then the risk of lung cancer ten times more compared to non-smokers.

In addition, the proven carcinogenic properties of the resin. Before it was even such a thing as “cancer chimney-sweep”. It turns out that the chimney is ten times more common cancer of the scrotum, than people of other professions. And during Smoking we do the same thing – inhaled the soot.

But what’s inside?If we talk about “icase”, it does not contain so much resin, how much cigarette. But those who tried it, know that the composition is not the usual tobacco. Besides it has a chemical taste to it, so clearly something processed. But the manual does not say what and what percentage of tobacco leaves. This is a semi-closed information. By the way, if you crumble a cigarette, you won’t get the same content as in icase.

In addition, no one knows what is included in the filling of electronic cigarettes.

Yes, smokers know that the basis of the wipe is glycerin. But it is currently unknown what happens when burned. That is what substances are released? How much we breathe? There are no studies which would show they are harmful or not. And any combustion process can not be absolutely safe. And light exist to ensure that we breathe relatively clean air.

I want to believe that icase absolute tobacco, processed because it does not allow it to burn, but only smolder from the heating element. But in the instructions there is nothing that would confirm its composition.

Not lit while hovering?Those who prefer the wipe, saying, “We don’t smoke, and soar”. But what’s the difference? Still it is foreign to the lung substance, only a person inhales it. And it’s not tobacco in its pure form. To wipe refill liquid.

But its composition as of today, no one and nothing reglamentary. So I want to know what is inside. And it’s not only glycerine, there are additives with nicotine. But how it was received? In what way? Unfortunately, this is privileged information.

Hookah once a week?To say that hookah is better and safer? In any case. In a conventional cigarette at least have a filter. Yeah, he’s not very strong protection, but when Smoking hookah it at all. People simply inhale the smoke mixed with some flavorings. And the fact that the water supposedly acts as a filter? It cleanses and protects the smoker. And if it at least once a week smokes hookah a couple of hours, then converted this average equals 10 cigarettes.

“I smoke light cigarettes,”If a man says that, it is the biggest misconception that can be. Before, when smoked without filter, the most frequent diagnoses were cancer of the larynx and tongue, which is easy to identify in the early stages. After all, if something jumped in a language that is difficult to ignore.

And when a person began to smoke filter cigarettes, he began to inhale the smoke more deeply. Unfortunately, peripheral lung cancers for a very long time not manifest itself. And see them at the first stage is something out of science fiction. Light cigarettes people smoke more prolonged and deeper. So we do not reduce risks, but rather aggravated.

In any case, whatever form the cigarette, you need to look, as nicotine and tar. On average, one cigarette, which contains about 5 mg of nicotine for 30 minutes causes spasm of blood vessels. That is, the reduction of the lumen by about 20-30%. If the vessel has a atherosclerotic plaque, which closes it at 10%, 20 % slightly affect the blood supply to the body.

However, if it takes more than 40%, the contraction of another 20% may cause critical ischemia. That is, the lack of nutrients that move blood through the vessels of a particular organ. And if it lasts 10-15 minutes, this can lead to bad consequences.

I want to repeat that lungs exist to ensure that we breathe relatively clean air. So you choose what to breathe.

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