Doctors gave the advice for those who want to get pregnant

Медики дали советы тем, кто хочет забеременеть

These tips will be useful to future parents.

Recently, more popular was the conscious conception of a child when paired, the decision to become parents mutually. Of course, unwanted pregnancies are still recorded, but not as often as before.

To get pregnant, make no problems and give birth to a healthy baby, expectant mother and father must prepare for this.

First and foremost, doctors recommend a complete examination of the body, during which can be detected by irregularities in the functioning of a particular organ. If health is fine, then you can start planning a pregnancy.

A healthy lifestyle

This concept includes many different aspects but the main one is nutrition, physical activity, relaxation and sleep, and avoiding harmful habits.

Plus, both prospective parents should include in your diet plenty of vitamins, especially A, b, C, D and E, folic acid, omega-3, iron, calcium, magnesium and others.

The age of the future parents

Today more and more women and men abandon procreation to 30 years, minimum. They are determined to build a career, earning money, development of housing and other material goods that are necessary for the education of the child in the future.

But doctors insist that expectant mothers not too long, because the older a woman is, the less likely she is to get pregnant. Besides, with age there are problems with the pregnancy or the pregnancy is tolerated much more difficult than in 20-25 years.

Men with age decreases the level of testosterone in the body, and it may cause reduced potency and, consequently, infertility.

By the way, if a couple a year preparing for the birth of the child and carries out all recommendations of doctors, are sexually active but the pregnancy did not occur, then you need to turn to doctors for help, because in this case, it is often diagnosed infertility.

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