Doctors have called an effective means of angina, time-tested

Врачи назвали эффективные средства от ангины, проверенные временем

Three effective ways.Angina trifled with, this will only proven ways, says the with reference to healthystyle.

Tincture of Cahors and aloe.Preparation: in a grinder grind about 350 g of aloe, add 600 g of honey. All this pour 350 ml of Cahors wine. Put in a dark place to steep for 5 days. Treatment: take the infusion of one tablespoon three times a day an hour before meals. To continue the treatment of angina until then, until the end of the infusion.

Echinacea.Produces interferon, which boosts immunity and has antiviral effect. Preparation: pour 1 teaspoon of herbs to 1 Cup of hot water. Put infuse for 3:00. Should take 3 cups twice a day after meals. You will need 150 g of grass for the full course of treatment of angina. Six months later, you can repeat the course again.

Salt.It is used to gargle in common sore throat. Method of preparation: dissolve in a warm glass of water 1 teaspoon of salt. You need every day in the morning, brushing your teeth, rinse mouth and throat with a glass solution. Then you need to cause an artificial cough will be discharge of mucus along with germs.

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