Doctors have called the most dangerous detergents

Медики назвали самые опасные моющие средства

The constant use of these drugs increases the risk of poisoning.

The use of household detergents can cause tremendous harm to the human body, said thoracic surgeon Yuri Mejibovsky.

The lion’s share of the detergents contains in its structure a large number of chemical compounds, which filled the air in the room after use.

“The main harmful ingredients are three parts. The first is a chlorine-containing substance. Second – surfactants, surface-active substances. Well, the phosphates,” said Yuri Mejibovsky.

According to the surgeon, the constant use of these drugs increases the risk of toxicity to the human body. The penetration into the blood synthetically active substances entails a weakening of the immune system and damage internal organs. The main symptoms of the penetration of microparticles cleaning products in the body are irritating to mucous membranes and coughing. This may result in the development of chronic allergic and cardiovascular diseases, stated the expert.

Especially dangerous, according to the doctor, is scented household chemicals – pleasant smells that give such products its manufacturers, camouflage harmful to respiratory system substances.

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