Doctors have identified the “healthy” type of the female figure

Медики определили самый «здоровый» тип женской фигуры

The result of the researches of the American scientists.

Research scientists from the USA ended with the verdict that women with the figure “pear” are more healthy and protected from exposure to hazardous factors than their peers with the figure “Apple”, reports the with reference to

This opinion is based on the results of the experiment conducted within the walls of the University of California riverside.

Details of this study published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology. The authors experimented with rodents who were fed with a high concentration of fats. Researchers monitored how changes in the organism of test animals occurred through constant access to fatty foods, paying particular attention to how was carried out the deposition of fat in Tolstaya animals.

Experts have established that on the background fat diets in male mice decreased levels of testosterone, at the same time females like hormonal changes occurred. Scientists believe that in the case of females they are faced with “protection based on ovarian estrogens”.

The correlation between the results of the experiment on mice with human health? According to researchers, these data indicate that women are more likely to be protected from the negative consequences of obesity than men, because of the fair half of mankind often does not accumulate fat in the waist and stomach, and below, on the buttocks and thighs.

“Obese women have problems conceiving, but in General they are more protected if the fat does not accumulate in the waist area. While fat accumulation on the waist developing metabolic syndrome, resistance to insulin and type II diabetes. Men with this type of obesity are low libido, lack of energy and a reduction in muscle strength, ” – said the authors.

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