Doctors have warned about the harmful properties of seeds

Медики предупредили о вредных свойствах семечек

Some people, they are contraindicated.

What is dangerous to the health of the seeds, said nutritionists. Sunflower seeds have much need for the body elements. However, not everyone can have this product, reports the with reference to

Harm seeds


If you crack open sunflower seeds with his teeth, enamel on the front gradually becomes thinner. And cleaned small seeds like to get stuck between the posterior teeth, causing discomfort and even tooth decay, if caught, so to speak, on fertile ground.


Eaten in large quantities of sunflower seeds can cause heartburn and worsening problems with the gastrointestinal tract. But the relationship of eating sunflower seeds with the overflow of the Appendix is not identified, even for those who eat them with the husk.


Purchased seeds may contain cadmium, which is bad for the heart. Finally, they act on the vocal cords. You may not notice, but the singers are sunflower seeds harmful.


Sunflower has the ability to accumulate the exhaust gases which are in the air around roads, where they grow plants. So, cadmium is a toxic metal, accumulates in seeds. It damages the kidneys and bone tissue in the human body.

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