Doctors refuted common misconceptions about the flu and colds

Медики опровергли распространенные заблуждения о гриппе и простуде

8 of the most famous myths.Experts presented the 8 common misconceptions about the flu and colds. Information shared edition of CBC NEWS. According to doctors, many people do not fully understand the reality of invention in this case that can affect the quality of treatment and infection. In this regard, compiled 8 of the most famous myths about these illnesses, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

The flu is protocolectomy patients do not attach importance to the accuracy of these diagnoses, considering them vzaimoponimanie, in fact, the flu is much more severe disease than the common cold, its complication may lead to death. It is noted that symptoms of ailments are similar, but the difference is in the symptoms at onset of disease. In the first case, the disease develops gradually, in the second, there is momentalnoe health deterioration, muscular weakness, temperature rise up to 40 degrees.

The flu shot can lead to zabolevaniy this case we are talking about the fact that sometimes the person is not vaccinated puts for the reason that are simply afraid of Contracting this disease. It is actually absolutely not true, the vaccine does not include live virus, this infection is impossible. This myth is sustained only for the simple reason, during the 2-week period, the drug enhances their properties, during this time, you can manage to get an infection. Has been some reaction to the vaccine, manifested in fatigue and malaise.

Do not put Hodegetria vaccinated every flu vaccine is required for two reasons. First, because the immune response of the human body decreases with time. Second, because different strains of flu circulate each year and are constantly changing, so the formula is reviewed and updated each year.

Increased intake of vitamins can prevent sargenai starting the disease patients are beginning to ease up on the vitamin C. In fact, there is no scientific evidence that nutrients can help prevent colds or the flu. There are some studies showing the effectiveness of zinc to reduce the duration of the disease, but this should be made only when directed by a doctor, since it is possible side effects.

Sweating during exercise helps vyzdorovlenie place a reservation if we are talking about the common cold, physical activity can help to cope with the illness. If we are talking about cough and bronchitis, such activity is fraught with serious complications. Is threatened and cardiac muscle.

After vaccination you can get sick with the flu, so not worth it relativesi do not exclude the possibility of infection, even when vaccination is done, what happens in that case, if the other circulating strain not included in the vaccine last year. According to experts, in any case, it’s better than doing nothing. In addition, studies show that people who get the flu, experience less severe symptoms when they were vaccinated.

Output in cold weather without a coat can cause flu really stay out in the cold has no direct impact. Must be some effects of the virus, so if the person is not in contact with the patient, he can’t get sick.

At a young age with good health don’t worry about sarauniya can affect anyone at any age and cause serious illness. While complications are more common in very young children, the elderly and immunocompromised. There have been many case of mortality in a young population.

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