Doctors suggested a simple way to cleanse the body

Медики подсказали простой способ очищения организма

Spring body cleansing will help the body to rejuvenate and awaken after the winter months.

With the onset of spring in nature is undergoing serious changes. Gloomy grey weather replaces the warm and Sunny days. And in order to feel as easy and as positive, it is necessary to conduct the proper cleansing of the body.

Usually during the winter in our body is deposited a lot of toxins. And in order to get rid of them, will be sufficient to pay the purification of three days. We’ll need about fifty grams of goutweed.

Медики подсказали простой способ очищения организма

if fresh yet, you can use dried plant collection (need thirty grams). The ground should be thoroughly chewed and washed down with two glasses of mineral water.

if we are talking about a dry plant, it needs to be mixed with honey and eat it. Immediately after this required thirty minutes to do some simple aerobic exercises. It will be enough to jump rope or Jogging. An hour later you will feel a laxative effect of this plant.

Repeat procedure twice, but not more often than once a week.

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