Doctors suggested to drink coffee without harm to health

Врачи подсказали, как пить кофе без вреда для здоровья

When is the best time to drink coffee.Scientists reported that coffee should be drunk only after 3-4 hours after waking up.

Experts emphasize that a lot of people believe in the ability of the drink to give them courage immediately after waking up, but it is not, writes the with reference to the news of Yu.

In fact, the caffeine causes a failure in the body, which then manifests itself in excessive anxiety, provoking fatigue. This fact can be explained by the fact that after waking up the man in any case, there is in the body increased amounts of the stress hormone cortisol. The addition effect of coffee only exacerbates the situation. Best solution to this issue is to increase the duration of sleep.

Scientists advise people who Wake up at 6 am to drink coffee not earlier than 9:00. The important point remains, and a time limit on drinking it. They don’t need to abuse after 15:00. Caffeine can disrupt sleep. Taking into account this fact is to calculate the individual hours of admission.

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