Doctors told about the benefits of frequent visits to the sauna

Медики рассказали о пользе частых посещений сауны

Scientists began to notice that the duration of human life is influenced not only by his bad habits.

Frequent visits to saunas significantly lowers the likelihood of heart disease and blood vessels, problems with the functioning of the brain and lungs, and reduces the chances of premature death.

Write about the scientists, who published an article in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, says the

“It is not clear what is cause and effect, which is not to say that sauna can replace other methods of prevention of these diseases. On the other hand, saunas are completely safe for people not suffering from heart problems, so Hiking in them will not hurt anyone,” write Laukkanen Jari (Jari Laukkanen) from the University Juvaskula (Finland) and his colleagues.

In recent years, scientists began to notice that the duration of human life is influenced not only by his habits but also diet, education, level of depression and a lot of other factors that are not directly related to the work of the body, development of diseases and process of aging of the body in old age.

For example, in recent years, scientists have found a lot of evidence that even light physical activity in youth significantly reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases, as well as dramatically reduce the chances to get hypertension, and die from heart attacks in the declining years of life.

Laukkanen and colleagues discovered another similar communication, by studying how Finnish saunas effect on human health, often attending such baths. For this, the scientists combined data of their own research they conducted in the last ten years, and the results of similar experiments, about which wrote dozens of other research groups.

In each such study involved some two thousand men and women of different ages and social categories that allowed the researchers to assess in detail how the campaigns in the traditional Finnish sauna has affected their health. For example, it turned out that lovers of saunas around 44% less likely to die from sudden cardiac arrest than people who do not attend them or falling in the bath quite rarely, and 65% less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and senile dementia.

In addition, in a similar way, decreasing the likelihood of developing hypertension by approximately 47%, and lung diseases such as asthma or pneumonia. Of course, as scientists, cannot be ruled out that healthy people just often go to the sauna, but their observations show that trips to the bath really reduce the pressure and improve lung function in the first hours after bathing.

As suggested by Laukkanen and colleagues, most of these beneficial effects is due to the fact that the sauna reduces the level of inflammation in the body, improves flexibility of the arteries, stimulates the immune system and accelerates the elimination of “harmful” versions of the cholesterol from the blood system. Scientists hope that these hypotheses they can test in the near future in the course of a long observation of the health of volunteers.

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