Doctors told about the harm re-boiled water

Медики рассказали, чем вредна повторно кипяченная вода

Tap water contains many different salts and minerals, as well as a large number and variety of bacteria.

When boiling of the liquid not only kills germs, but there is a change in the chemical composition of the impurities, and repeat the procedure destroys all the nutrients, becoming extremely dangerous for the life of the connection.

In repeatedly boiled water formed some of the most harmful substances – the source of nitrates, fluorides, arsenic. It is these elements from the periodic table, according to the world health organization, pose a great health risk.

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Arsenic is rarely used for combating undesirable microorganisms in tap water. For people dose contained in the re-digested fluid is not dangerous. However, with age, the substance accumulates and is detrimental to health, causing disorders of the peripheral nerves, disorders of the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney, problems with the cardiovascular system. When drinking such water increases the risk of more serious diseases – cancer, diabetes.

Fluoride in drinking water as a result of another boiling is converted into fluorides. These substances affect the Central nervous system, can trigger the development of infertility in women, affect the mental development of the child.

Nitrates are also one of the hazardous compounds. They are used in the food industry as a preservative. Contains nitrates and in water, and repeated when it is boiling, turn into nitrosamines related to carcinogens. The consequences of their intrusions into the body can become cancer of the digestive system, leukemia.

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