Doctors told as in a short period without pills, you can reduce the pressure

Медики рассказали, как за короткий срок без таблеток можно снизить давление

Study participants were divided into three groups.

Scientists from the University of North Carolina (USA) conducted a study and found that over a relatively short period of time people with high blood pressure taking pills on prescription, can normalize this metric.

The results of the experiment showed that under healthy lifestyle for 16 weeks reduced the need for medication for high blood pressure – according to the website PrimaMedia.

Researchers examined 129 people aged 40 to 80 years, diagnosed with obesity and high blood pressure. Half of the volunteers took prescribed medication for hypertension. The first almost four months maintained a healthy lifestyle, changed diet and regularly do physical exercises. Food volunteers reduced the consumption of red meat, salt and carbohydrates, begun to eat more fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products. Study participants from the second group only has replaced the principle of power and the third – nothing changed.

After 16 weeks control examination showed that volunteers from the first group not only lost weight, but their pressure decreased on average by 10-16 points. In the third group there were no changes. Scientists have concluded that for the prevention of cardiovascular disease must follow all the principles of a healthy lifestyle – proper diet and exercise.

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