Doctors told how coffee affects the liver

Медики рассказали, как кофе влияет на печень

The best foods to improve liver function. Doctors told that some specific products whose use would lead to liver regeneration, does not exist, it would be too easy.

However, to slow down the flow of negative physiological processes that deteriorate the condition of this body, the power still can, writes the with reference to the news of Yu.

In a sense, the liver is a wonderful organ: it has the ability to regenerate itself. But as noted gastroenterologist-hepatologist Sergey vyalov, the property of the liver to regenerate is enabled, “only if you do not eat or drink anything harmful, and also if the liver is not infected with worms or viruses.”

In this case, to strengthen the capacity of the liver associated with features of regeneration, help the foods that contain a lot of amino acids and proteins, suggested the expert. Another scientist, the doctor-gastroenterologist Vitaly Rumyantsev said that encourage liver cells to regenerate can also omega-3 and polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in fish oil. Scientific expert stressed that “these substances experimentally confirmed the ability to restore the structure of the membranes of liver cells”.

In addition, experiments have repeatedly confirmed that to improve the condition of the liver helps coffee. Eating foods with caffeine reduces the intensity of fibrosis, is due to the effect of kopanina in the liver decreases the amount of scar fibres. Data number of research studies show that caffeine increases the production of enzymes that inhibit the development of liver cirrhosis.

“In the absence of contraindications to drink coffee for liver health you can drink up to three cups of this drink per day,” recommended the researchers.

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