Doctors told how high heels harm the body

Медики рассказали, как обувь на высоком каблуке вредит организму

It is important to know the measure of the height of the heels.

In recent weeks, the word “louboutins” is firmly established in our everyday life, thanks to the rowdy song of the Cord, according to the with reference to Healthy Style.

Women shoes from French designer Christian Louboutin has in recent years become super popular. But health professionals claim that, these shoes can be dangerous for women’s health. Shoes on high heels (12 inches and above) and red soles are a real danger for the body ladies.Podiatrists claim that when walking in the “louboutins” stop working muscles, and the load is exclusively on the forefoot.

With regular wearing such shoes develops a transverse flat feet, and formed the all women hated the “bones” of the first finger. Experts say that when women are in heels, there is a tremendous load on the lumbar spine, while the muscles also cease to work and developed low back pain.

In addition, when wearing such shoes develops osteoarthritis – a chronic disease in which the joints are destroyed and restore them later is almost impossible. Correct the situation just prosthetics. Experts do not undertake to say when it can begin these problems, the organisms are different. But the daily hours of wearing any heels higher than five centimeters complications sooner or later will make itself felt.

But podiatrists agree that walking in flats is not less harmful than “stilts”. The most convenient and healthy heel height in everyday life – 4-5 inches.

While fashionistas, it is worth remembering that the real branded “louboutins” have a good Shoe and they’re probably much safer for women’s feet. But in our markets you can buy except fake Chinese craftsmen, which are available at prices the majority of Ukrainians.

The therapists say that the girl in high heels automatically become more attractive to men. When wearing heels in women’s changing gait – steps are less sweeping, movements careful and graceful. The man immediately wants to protect a woman and vilified her in his arms. Also heels make women’s legs more proportional and long. And, for men, slim legs – the most intimate and beautiful in a woman. On a subconscious level long legs awaken in man the desire and interest. And women this excellent enjoy wearing “louboutins”.

All the young girls and experienced women can give one piece of advice for you, wish you reviled on hand, can result in serious disability, then you will only wear dentures.

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