Doctors told how to cope with spring fatigue

Медики подсказали, как справиться с весенней утомляемостью

In the spring, many people feel a lack of energy, and experts suggested how to solve the issue.

It would seem that the frosts and generally inclement weather gave way to bright sunshine, when everything is green and blooming, but many people complain of feeling unwell, complaining about excessive fatigue.

Doctors attribute this to the vitamin deficiency and changes in the body in the summer.

If you want, everyone can afford to help using following the recommendations of the experts:

Lean on fortified products. The most relevant in this case, the vitamins: A – carrots, greens, liver, dried apricots, butter, chicken and quail eggs; buckwheat porridge, liver, eggs, and nuts; – a decoction of rose hips, citrus fruits, cabbage, parsley; E – vegetable oils, nuts, fatty fish, seeds, avocados.

More walk in the street. Walking trains not only the body and the heart muscle, fresh air oxygenates the blood, and the sun’s rays enrich the body with vitamin D. So look for more opportunity to walk on the street.

To eliminate the hazard of his life. No alcohol, lying on the sofa, Smoking, consumption of smoked, fried, salty and sweet, and also carbonated beverages. This will allow you to unload the body after the winter and feel the lightness inside.

Relaxation and sleep at least 8 hours. In modern conditions difficult to comply with this rule, as people have not enough time to prepare something to eat for all the family, including yourself, and do daily wet cleaning in the house to be healthy and live clean. But doctors still recommend to allocate at least an hour of time to rest after work and go to bed no later than 22:00, so at 6 am to Wake up fresh and rested.

To meet with friends and family. Pastime in the circle of nice people gives a lot of positive emotions that get stored in memory and contribute to the production of happiness hormone in the body. There is a possibility to have fun? Do not miss it! It will lift your spirits and you will feel a rush of spring energy.

If you listen to the advice of doctors, from spring fatigue and loss of strength will not be over.

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