Doctors told how to eat properly in the cold

Медики подсказали, как правильно питаться в холода

In the cold start the day with whole grain cereal, and snacking on fruits and bitter chocolate

To start the day, especially in autumn and winter, you need carbohydrate Breakfast to provide the body with energy for heating, and in-between meals to maintain vitality and replenishment of trace elements and vitamins, it is recommended to eat sweet fruits and a few slices of dark chocolate. This was reported by doctor Victoria Savitskaya, writes the with reference to Golos.Ua

“The cold weather is the best Breakfast cereals are low-fat – for example, buckwheat or oatmeal, or muesli or rice – that is the most healthy food in the morning, which will energize energy and will not freeze in the cold. And cereal with milk improves digestion. If you prefer something sweet, the oatmeal can be sprinkled on sliced fruit or thawed berries, or add a couple of spoons of honey or jam out of pureed berries,” advises the doctor.

At lunch or brunch is perfect Apple, grapes, banana or persimmon. They have a lot of substances that contribute to the production of the hormone of happiness, and in winter it is not always enough. Besides, this is a great vitamin Supplement and a sure way to kill the hunger and not to overeat at lunch or dinner.

“Lunch in the cold season should definitely be hot. Otherwise the body does not get warm on the street. Help yourself from the inside – besides, warm meal accelerates the metabolism and accelerates blood circulation.

Well, to cheer yourself up, be sure to periodically eat a couple of pieces of dark chocolate – it is less calories than the white or milky, but it affects the nervous system,” advises the expert.

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