Doctors told how to lower blood pressure without medication

Медики подсказали, как снизить давление без лекарств

5 effective ways. Doctors proved that high blood pressure daily takes the lives of more than a thousand people, reports the with reference to

Hypertension often has no distinct symptoms, but dramatically increases the risk of dangerous cardiovascular disorders and stroke, say doctors.

The article explains how to quickly normalize high blood pressure without special medicines. But first look into how much pressure is large. Blood pressure is measured in two numbers. For example, 120/80, 90/60, etc., where the first – systolic pressure – indicates how much (in millimeters of mercury) pushing against the walls of the blood vessels during a heart beat, and the second is diastolic records the pressure of blood at a time when the heart is resting between beats.

Doctors call threat indicators pressure 130/80. The pressure at this level or above require urgent action.

How to lower blood pressure at home. At high pressure it is best to contact the therapist. However, if for some reason you can’t go to the doctor, here are a few ways that help to lower blood pressure.

Take a deep breath. Proper deep breathing is one of the most effective ways to quickly improve the pressure. Breathing exercises increase blood flow to all tissues of your body, including the limbs, whereby the pressure in the blood vessels decreases.

Take a hot bath. Pour into a basin of water at a temperature of about 45 °C and immerse her hands or feet for 10 minutes. Hot water will be forced to expand the blood vessels in the extremities, they will pour blood, which will reduce pressure.

Hold hands under cold running water. Cool water will lower your heart rate and this in turn will reduce the pressure.

Drink warm mint tea. Brew a pinch of mint leaves with boiling water for 10 minutes, let cool and drink tea, slow SIPS. In this form, peppermint can reduce blood pressure.

Make a compress with Apple cider vinegar. Moisten the gauze in Apple cider vinegar and apply wet cloth to the feet for 10-15 minutes. Studies have found that Apple cider vinegar contains substances that can reduce the pressure.

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