Doctors told how to protect themselves in the consumption of dried fruit

Медики рассказали, как обезопасить себя при употреблении сухофруктов

Dried fruits may contain harmful preservatives.

A recent survey of experts aimed at changing the attitude of consumers to dried fruits. According to experts, the use of this category of products can cause harm in case the content of hazardous chemicals, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

Experts said that, in General, dried fruits represent an essential product that can improve health especially in winter when there is no continuous access to seasonal products, rich with essential vitamins and minerals. If to speak not about a natural farm product, and the result of specialized production, in this case, can be used hot components and connections.

As an example, the experts cited the apricots and raisins are processed at the enterprises of this preservative as sulphur dioxide. In addition, there is a Supplement of sulfur dioxide to preserve the natural color of the fruit and protection from bacteria.

In turn, these supplements provoke in a large number of disorders in the stomach and respiratory organs, can cause asthma and blockage of blood vessels by cholesterol in result of increased fat.

In order to avoid severe health effects, should store-bought products pre-soak and wash in hot water.

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